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Healthy Guru builds brand exposure while engaging affluent target consumers in meaningful and impressionable interactions within a compelling yet intimate setting. Healthy Guru taps into the heart of luxury markets with great promotion, with a strong networking opportunity, branding, and providing new social media content.
We are experienced in managing celebrities and the media, with a strong network of sophisticated, affluent, and influential clientele. The event is your opportunity for customized on-site branding, such as a pop-up store, signage, multimedia, and gift bags. Photographers and press are on-site for pre- and post-production via our established PR firm.

What we offer

An event that connects your brand with our affluent health-conscious guests, and engages these target consumers in meaningful interaction with your brand. Media exposure to create brand buzz. About 300-400 guests throughout the day.

About us

Healthy Guru is the hottest fitness, fashion, and wellness event that will be held in Manhattan and the Hamptons. The events bring together fitness, wellness, fashion, beauty, and nutrition. The event combines the greatest healthy brands in one location on one day. There will be healthy influencers talking about how best to keep our body fit so we can add their inspiring must do’s to our daily lifestyle. The Healthy Guru team are experts in producing and managing professional and high-profile events.


For press credentials, please email press@healthyguru.com

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